creatiVE Summer School 2012

Why search our heritage roots in the Internet when we may discover them in an entertaining way, by using the means of the third millennium technologies, and integrating them in personal interpretation.

The link within the roots of humanity might be stronger by socially interacting to interpret them.

Virtual reality is the technology that allows us to bring this lost historical period of time to life, while protecting the real artifacts for generations to come.

Project description

"Summer School on Virtual Environments. Virtual Heritage Edition" is the first education module organized by CERVA Lab and will take place in OVIDIUS University between 30.08.2012 & 10.09.2012. The project aims to specialize students in 3D Modeling and also historical reconstructions, in the same time having the purpose of adding soft skills such as team work.

The program we conceived is structured in such manner that will allow the students to experience both practical procedures and theoretical laboratories through an intensive 10 days of preparation.

The participants will be divided in 4 groups for the entire program and each group will be assisted by a member of the organizing committee.

The groups will begin by having the opportunity of exploring for two days the Adamclisi historical site, due to the partnership we have with the National History and Architecture Museum from Constanta (MINAC) and the Association of Cultural Inheritance Promotion and Experimental Archeology (ARCHEX).

The program will continue with 4 days of combined theoretical presentations and practical sessions according to the Curricula followed by 2 days of practical work.

The Closing Event will present a review of the program and the best reconstruction will be rewarded by our sponsors.


Important info:
Register: until 25 august 2012
Event: 30.08.2012 - 10.09.2012
Participation fee:
200 € early registration deadline 15 june
250 € regular registration deadline 27 july
250 € late registration deadline 25 august
300 € on-site registration only on 30-31 august

The fee must be transfered into one of the following accounts:

Account for LEI:
Trezoreria Constanta

Account for € EURO:
Banca Comerciala Romana
Str. Traian nr. 68 Constanta

Details of payment: CREATIVE = FIRST_NAME - LAST_NAME
After the payment has been completed please e-mail a copy of the payment order at

Who are we looking for ?

Target: Undergraduate students
Number of participants: 12 students
Participation: Each student requires a letter of recommendation from a teacher, a CV and a portfolio of previous works.
Minimum knowledge: 2D/3D computer graphics, optional C/C++ programming

What will you learn ?

Curricula (not limited to):

  • 3D modeling (3DS Max/Blender) - organic modeling / based on photos and information from the archeological site
  • 2D modeling (GIMP)
  • Ilumination techniques
  • Object texturing
  • Artefact animations
  • 3D rendering

What else do we offer ?

The accommodation will be provided in OVIDIUS Dorm (4 students / room).
The meal location will be close to the Dorm (3 meals / day)


Date Hour Session
30 Aug 2012 Registration / booking
09.30-12.30Take your seats!
31 Aug 2012 Opening day (presentation of the speakers, presenting CERVA Lab)
08.30-09.00Early morning coffee and biscuit
09.00-10.00Opening - VR technologies for heritage virtual reconstruction - Dorin-Mircea POPOVICI (CeRVA Team)
10.00-10.30Short presentation of Adamclisi historical site - Gabriel TALMATCHI (MINAC)
10.30-10.45Coffee break
12.00-13.00CeRVA Lab presentation (CeRVA Team)
10.45-11.303D resource reuse in virtual environments - Mihai POLCEANU (CERV)
11.30-12.00Using Motion Capture in real-time animation - Victor RIZEA (CeRVA)
12.00-12.30VirDenT Project - Alexandru DINCA (CeRVA)
12.30-13.00HapticMed Project - Adrian SEITAN (CeRVA)
13.00-14.00Lunch & group photo
01 Sep 2012 Visiting Adamclisi site - Open your heart and your mind and become a time traveler
07.30-12.00Roman domus inside Tropaeum Traiani roman citadel presentation - Gabriel TALMATCHI (MINAC)
12.00-13.30Lunch & group photo
13.30-14.30Tropeum Traiani Museum - Mariana PETRUT (Tropeum Traiani Museum)
14.30-15.30Tropeum Traiani Monument - Mariana PETRUT (Tropeum Traiani Museum)
02 Sep 2012 Historical Artifacts Digitization Techniques (UT Cluj)
08.30-09.00Early morning coffee and biscuit
09.00-10.30Historical Artifacts Digitization Techniques (I) - Calin NEAMTU (UT Cluj)
10.30-10.45Coffee break
10.45-13.00Historical Artifacts Digitization Techniques (II) - Calin NEAMTU (UT Cluj)
13.00-14.00Lunch & group photo
14.00-17.00Digitizing historical artifacts, exercises - Calin NEAMTU & CeRVA Team
03 Sep 2012 Historical reconstruction in Assassin’s Creed - Modeling, texturing, optimization (UBISOFT)
08.30-09.00Early morning coffee and biscuit
09.00-10.30Historical reconstruction in Assassin's Creed - Modeling, texturing (I) (UBISOFT)
10.30-10.45Coffee break
10.45-13.00Historical reconstruction in Assassin's Creed - Texturing, optimization (II) (UBISOFT)
13.00-14.00Lunch & group photo
14.00-17.00Proof of concepts in Assassin's Creed (UBISOFT & CeRVA Team)
04 Sep 2012 Applications of AR (TU Delft)
08.30-09.00Early morning coffee and biscuit
09.00-10.30Applications of AR (I) - Dragos DATCU (TUDelft)
10.30-10.45Coffee break
10.45-13.00Applications of AR (II) - Dragos DATCU (TUDelft)
13.00-14.00Lunch & group photo
14.00-17.00Practicing with AR - Dragos DATCU (TUDelft) & CeRVA Team
05-07 Sep 2012 Practical sessions
08.30-09.00Early morning coffee and biscuit
09.00-13.00Practical session (I + III + V)
13.00-14.00Lunch & group photo
14.00-17.00Practical session (II + IV + VI)
08 Sep 2012 Practical session + Final results presentation
08.30-09.00One more early morning coffee and biscuit
09.00-13.00Practical session (VII)
13.00-15.00Relaxing lunch & group photo
15.00-17.00Results presentation
09 Sep 2012 Free day
07.30-22.00Mind the tides
10 Sep 2012 Checkout
08.30-11.00Please don't forget your baggage and use only licensed taxis.


Invited speakers

Gabriel TALMATCHI Mihai POLCEANU Florin Alexandru DINCA
Victor Adrian RIZEA Mariana PETRUT Calin NEAMTU
Cristian TANASE Mihai ZORCA Dragos DATCU

Registered Participants

Radu COMES Zsolt BUNA Andrei MISCU Catalin CALENIC Cheng XIANG
Cristian TEODORESCU Emanuela BRAN Florina Fanica GRECEA Liviu CIOPA Marina GOCIU
Matei Ioan POPOVICI Mihai COMAN Nicolae Daniel CRISTEA


Crenguta BOGDAN Elena BAUTU Adrian SEITAN Florin Alexandru DINCA Aniela POPESCU
Ciprian ILIE Costin Ionut PETRE Cristian CORLEANCA Florina Fanica GRECEA Victor Adrian RIZEA


Dorin Mircea POPOVICI




Media Partners:


In order to see the movie of creatiVE2012 event please click here!

creatiVE 2012: 3D Models

creatiVE 2012: Augmented Reality

The application uses a marker-based method for the placement of 3D models in historical sites with the purpose of previewing the reconstruction. For the marker detection the application uses the OpenCV library and the 3D objects are placed in the scene using OpenGL. The techniques used take into consideration the position and the orientation of the markers in order to place the 3D object on the images obtained from the webcam.
The user has the possibility to shift the camera around in the space in which the markers are placed and as long as the application can detect at least one marker the user will be able to see the 3D model.
Thanks to Dragos Datcu.

creatiVE 2012: Google Earth

In press

Here you find our in press appearances!

Cuget Liber (14 September 2012):

Locuință romană, reclădită

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Școala de Vară creatiVE, la final

Replica (13 September 2012):

Eveniment în premieră - Ovidius a găzduit Şcoala de Vară de Medii Virtuale din România

Observator de Constanța (13 September 2012):

Reconstrucție 3D a unui domus roman, realizată de către studenți

Liderul de Opinie (12 September 2012):

Școala de vară de Medii Virtuale la „Ovidius“

Școala de Vară de Medii Virtuale din România

AGORA (29 August 2012):

Şcoala de vară creatiVE

Student pe net:

Școala de Vară de Medii Virtuale din România – “Virtual Heritage Edition” (creatiVE)

Cuget Liber (29 August 2012):

Universitatea „Ovidius“, gazda primei Școli de Medii Virtuale

Telegraf (29 August 2012):

Scoala de vara de medii virtuale

Ziua (29 August 2012):

Prima Școala de Vară de Medii Virtuale din țară, găzduită de Ovidius

Liderul de Opinie (28 August 2012):

Începe prima Școală de Vară de Medii Virtuale

Jurnal de Constanța (29 August 2012):

Prima Școală de Vară de Medii Virtuale din România la Universitatea „Ovidius“

Observator (29 August 2012):

Școala de vară de medii virtuale

Contact Info

Ovidius University of Constanța
124 Mamaia Blvd.
Constanța, România